Easing into exercise

photoThe following blog post has been written by one of our wonderful group leaders Catriona:

The idea of exercise always seems quite appealing but actually putting my trainers on and heading for the door is more of a struggle. With two small boys at home, one of whom is not a big fan of sleep, the lure of the sofa, a cup of tea and my pyjamas is usually too great to resist. However, getting involved with a new group who head out to ‘socialcise’ just down the road from my house is starting to change all that.

Started by a few of the more motivated amongst us, a small group of ladies began to meet at a regular spot on a Wednesday evening for an hour to go for a walk and do some easy exercise around our village. Gradually friends invited friends, and with the help of the trusty ‘What’s App’ the group has become a regular Wednesday night fixture in our diaries.

The relaxed, informal nature of the group means you can pop along if you’re free, everyone’s welcome and we just plan the work out as we go. With a combination of keen runners, new mums and those who just want to do something to keep fit, the hour varies each week, from a walk and a few stretches to a 5k run (I’ll be honest, I’ve not made that one yet although I do hear they head to the pub afterwards for a bit of ‘recovery time’)

The group works for us because it’s so easy. With everyone’s busy lives it means there’s a different mix of people every week which is great for catching up with friends and making new ones. There’s no obligation to turn up but there’s always a guarantee that at least a couple of you will be keen to get out for an hour. You can do as much or as little as you like and there’s the added bonus of being able to have a good old natter whilst doing something virtuous.

On busy days, or after a spectacularly sleepless night with smallest son I’ve found it really refreshing to get out there and do something totally different for an hour and get a much needed boost of energy. And afterwards it’s an easy walk back to the sofa and that cup of tea!

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