Getting back to outdoor activities after pregnancy – Caroline Curtis

Scot-Hol-Apr-2011-040-300x224Caroline Curtis is mum to Bennett, aged 8 months. She is a Scout Leader and outdoor enthusiast.

Here is her story.

Caroline: Bennett was born preterm by natural delivery. Bennett’s birth was quite straightforward in that it happened naturally and was over very quickly, but mentally it was traumatic. I went into labour prematurely at 33 weeks, which was a huge shock and we were completely unprepared. Whilst Bennett was in intensive care I limped into the hospital every day and felt like an invalid in limbo. I felt like my body had let us both down. I hardly recognised it anymore, with various bits torn, saggy or bloated and hardly being able to walk. I didn’t think I would ever be in any fit state to look after my tiny little boy.

Ready Steady Mums helped me realise that feeling negative about your body after birth isn’t unusual. The programmes have allowed me to think positively about my body by focusing on fitness in stages and attaining levels suitable for my post-partum body, rather than trying to compare myself with before motherhood. It has also helped me meet other mums that have gone through similar experiences with premature birth.

The best thing about being an active mums is being able to fully take part in the things that I loved doing before giving birth and more! Through meeting other like-minded mums I have been persuaded to play social sports which is great fun. And I’m back doing activities I thought I’d have to step back from after motherhood – outdoor challenges with the Scouts, camping and hill walking.

I think Ready Steady Mums is brilliant!

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