Fitness for me (and a positive impact on my daughter) – Cathy Holder

Cathy Holder is a first time mum, living in South London with her husband and daughter Jess (11 months). She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, eating and cooking lovely food, and holidays in the sunshine.

Cathy: At 9 months pregnant I remember thinking ‘How on earth am I ever going to get back to my old shape, and feel like me again?!?’ But as soon as I was feeling ready to try…. that’s where Ready Steady Mums came in.

I had a planned c-section, the procedure/recovery was a lot more full-on than I had expected. And the recovery time was 6 weeks, as the doctors had suggested. I felt a bit low straight afterwards, I was in a lot of pain, and I wanted to enjoy being a mum and join in with everyone else’s excitement.

My body’s core had been sliced in half so I had pretty much no strength at all. Even sitting up in bed wasn’t easy for the first 2 weeks. I was amazed at how big my tummy still was, I had thought (stupidly) that it would go down pretty quickly. I was one of the lucky mums who kept the rest of my body about the same as before (except now I had much bigger boobs!).  But even though my bum, legs and arms felt normal I had a big challenge with my core.  My core strength has taken a long time to return, it now feels just about normal again.

Emotionally, not being as fit and not feeling sexy was difficult. You have to re-asses your limits and slowly build up to your confidence. Sports have always been a big part of my life, and I am now back playing again which is great.

I feel that my Ready Steady Mums programme is something for ‘Me’ and it is a nice balance to the baby classes that we also do.

I also truly believe that me being happy and healthy has a positive impact on my daughter. She is great with people, is happy, sleeps well and loves the fresh air.

My Ready Steady Mums programme has given us both so much!

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