Yoga all the way in early motherhood – Liz Kerry

Liz is one of those mums who makes your green with envy. Dream pregnancy, dream birth, dream baby. And she’s a big yoga fan. Coincidence?

So anyway, like 43% of us, Liz’s top barrier to exercise as a new mum is *TIME*

Here is her story…

Liz: My pregnancy went pretty smoothly, I was lucky not to suffer from morning sickness.  My only problem was constant tiredness, which made it difficult to continue exercising.  I did, however, manage to do prenatal yoga – my baby was a week overdue so I was practising every day trying to persuade him to come out!  I was so lucky to have a dream labour and birth.  It was about a four hour labour ending with a water birth, so Alex had a little swim before he floated up to the surface to meet us!

I think the hardest thing about getting back into exercise as a new mum is time.  Not only do you have this new little baby to look after, but you’re also trying to recover from the pregnancy and birth. After nine months, your body doesn’t really feel like yours anymore and certainly looks a lot different!  The best thing about my Ready Steady Mums programme is that I started off slowly with really gentle exercises that I could do when I was lying in bed, sitting on the couch and even while feeding my baby.  Then once I was feeling up to it the progressive exercises gradually strengthened me. It really helps you increase your confidence.

I found it difficult to fit in being active at first, but I’ve made it a habit now that when Alex goes down for a nap I either do the 5-minute mummy tummy workout or a few exercises from one of the other sessions before I do anything else.  You need to make yourself a priority, as it’s so easy to lose yourself in your mummy role and forget your own needs.

My original goal was to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, as I love fashion.  I’m just about there now so my new goal is to be fitter than I was before I became pregnant and to run a 10k race.  I’ve done yoga for over 10 years so I was also keen to be strong enough to start my usual practice again, which I’m pleased to say that I now am!

Another great thing about being a fit mum is that I will be able to encourage Alex to lead an active life, I think that’s very important.  We already go for long walks together and to Mum & Baby yoga classes and I’m looking forward to taking him hill walking as a family soon.

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