Embracing postnatal fitness and loving my body – Alice Salt

The-Blast-Workouts-Mummy-Tummy-with-Alice-out-take-with-Poppy-on-set-300x168Alice Salt is featured on our DVD “The Blast Workouts” and here is her story…

Alice: When I had my first child, Jack I had a pretty horrific time resulting in too many stitches to mention and not being able to sit down for about a month.  This meant that getting back into shape took me a long time.  However when I had my second child, Poppy in December I was blessed to have met Katy (founder of Ready Steady Mums) and be introduced to her totally innovative approach to postnatal exercise, which literally changed my life.  I started going to the session in the park that Katy was taking and when she went back to work I volunteered to carry on taking this session which I still do every Thursday in Garratt Park at 9am.  There is such a great bunch of Mums who come to the session who are all inspirational to one another through what they have achieved with their new bodies since joining Ready Steady Mums. They are motivation enough to keep me striving towards a fitness level I have set myself.

Now I’ve completed all the Ready Steady Mums programmes and I’m back to full fitness I run approximately 10 miles a week (with the buggy, sometimes 2 children on board).  I incorporate my running into the school run which saves me precious time.  I religiously do the Ready Steady Mums 5-minute mummy tummy workout (from the Blast Workouts DVD) after every run or session in the park.  The most important thing that I learnt from Ready Steady Mums was how to get the best results for my body. I could run and run, but by following specific exercises from Ready Steady Mums, I saw the real results in my body shape.

I am now looking forward to the summer where I will be proud to show my bikini body with 2 children in tow – Also in the knowledge that I will have bounds of energy to keep up with them all day!

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