First Exercise After Having a Baby

How do I get physically active again after having a baby?

I’m often asked for the big secret to postnatal exercise and fitness:
How do I get the body I want after pregnancy and childbirth?
How do I get strong and agile so I can play with my kids?
How can I improve my physical and mental health with exercise?

Over the years I’ve worked with thousands of mums, and I’ve noticed there is one single most important thing they must do if they want to start and stick with actively embracing motherhood – they themselves must choose to do it.

Yes, that’s it: make a powerful choice about exercise, it’s only you who can choose to do it.

I’ve talked about setting fitness goals, sharing your goals with supporters, getting outside, committing to meet up with friends, getting the right advice on what exercise is safe and balanced…. and we’ve got an array of free sessions for you to follow on this site including guidance for your first session back post baby.

This all matters, but one thing I have found is that, not I, not anyone, can make a mum fit and healthy unless she chooses to do it.

Out for a walk with my 3-week old baby in his buggy

Out for a walk with my 3-week old baby in his buggy

I hear about a lot of sympathetic, even apologetic, encouragement for mums to “try to exercise”. The focus is often on showing a well-meaning understanding of how difficult early motherhood can be. But ultimately, the mums who get out there and reap the huge benefits of being physically active, relate to themselves as capable women, the see themselves as being in control and will themselves choose to exercise.

I’m not disregarding the challenges, goodness me right now my third son is 8 weeks old, I’m exhausted, disorganised, my pelvic floor is trashed and I’m on an emotional roller coaster!!!… But I just don’t choose to focus on this stuff. For me, exercise is irresistible. Oh the power of the right mindset!

So I invite you to look at yourself in the mirror, see the capable powerful women in you, and make a choice. Declare it to yourself as often as you need to and get out there!

The bottom line: you can do anything if you really want to.

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