Best tips and advice for getting fit as a new mum

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I’ve been tweeting and Facebook-ing for four years on pre and postnatal exercise. A few of the tips I share have had more than their fair share of discussion, retweeting and liking…

So to save your trawling social media for advice on exercise post-pregnancy, here are my super-tips – a bit like super-foods (?)

  • Do something active every day
  • Celebrate what you have done, instead of lamenting what you haven’t.
  • Declare you’re getting fit, get your supporters on board
  • Talk to other mummies, encourage them even if they don’t look like they need it
  • Remind yourself that your body made your baby.  It’s amazing.
  • Take photos and measurements now, embrace them as your start-point, and love watching them improve.
  • Say yes to invitations to exercise with other mums
  • Be nice to yourself – sleep, eat , exercise, socialise
  • If something doesn’t feel right with your postnatal body, ask a medical professional.
  • Be a positive force on your community, find friends, inspire friends, and be inspired to actively embrace motherhood together
  • Wear 2 bras if you don’t have a sports bra
  • Check your buggy handle is level with your belly button
  • Involve your partner in your get fit plan (six-minute six-pack workout anyone?)
  • Avoid backache, put your changing table higher than you think
  • Give someone a big kiss today
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