How to Communicate Brilliantly as a Group Leader

As a GL you want a simple way to connect with group members. You might need to remind them what to bring and where to meet, welcome a new member, cancel a session one week, or just all celebrate progress as a group.

We are often asked for advice on how to manage communications, and how to make it easy, so you can build a thriving and fun group without too much admin.

What we find is that successful GLs often choose to:

  • Remind the group the day before each session
  • Ask for confirmation of who is coming or not that week
  • Keep the group membership up to date (who is actually attending sessions?)

Here are some of the platforms the groups commonly use:

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Email mailing list
  • Twitter

To choose which one works best for you and your group, think about your personal priorities e.g.

  • Do I want the members to be responsible for joining the group or me sign them up?
  • Do I want to allow/expect quick messaging by all members each week to say “I’m in” so i know i won’t be the only one turning up?
  • Is there a technology I am already used to using?
Being a Ready Steady Mums Group Leader - "It's all about great communication"

Being a Ready Steady Mums Group Leader – “It’s all about great communication”

Whichever platform you choose, follow some top tips from GLs and their happy members:

  • Only communicate about relevant, useful things (no spamming!)
  • Be positive
  • Be concise
  • Invite members to be part of the conversation and share their own ideas

You can put a note on your group on the map telling new group members how you communicate and how to join your group.

We are here to help with your communication in a few other ways too: GLs are welcomed as guest bloggers on the RSM website; we will share, retweet and like your social media posts; we can help you get local media coverage; and we can include your news in RSM email mail outs. Just ask!

Finally, your GL community on Facebook is a supportive forum to ask for and share advice and ideas on everything related to running your group. Join in!

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