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Expert Advice from Ready Steady Mums Personal Trainer Lucy Howlett

Screen-shot-2013-10-29-at-15.39.47Lucy Howlett is one of the experts behind the Ready Steady Mums exercise programmes. She is an advanced kettlebell instructor, dancer, has trained in postural correction and is an expert in post-natal exercise. I love working with her, she is incredibly creative and is constantly developing new ways to help Ready Steady Mums members to actively embrace motherhood.

Today Lucy offered to share some of her experience and expertise as a personal trainer just for mums

Q: What challenges do mums most commonly ask you to help them overcome?

Lucy: Most commonly, my post-natal ladies are looking to get their pre-baby body back as fast as healthily possible. They simply want to reinforce regular fitness training into their life again and with the knowledge that they are doing the right exercises as well as following a healthy diet with the guidance of a fitness professional.

Q: What are the most effective tips you give new mums to help them get started and stay motivated?
Lucy: I advise them to have a healthy diet and do little bits of exercise each day; even just stretches and gentle mobility work. A great initiative is to place post-it notes around the house with words on (pelvic floor, posture: shoulders back & chest up, squats x 10) to encourage adding exercise into your day when you have a minute or two. (Try it and let me know how you get on!)

Q: What parts of the body do mums like to focus on most?
Lucy: I like to train the body as a whole and to use functional training wherever possible as well core conditioning but generally clients ask to focus on …

  • Stomach — to lose weight, tone up and help get the abdominals back in shape.
  • Arms — to have shapely shoulders when wearing nice tops and dresses.
  • Pelvic floor — to condition the muscles again and regain control.


Q: Which mums are the most inspiring?
Lucy: I think each Mum who sets time aside to train while bringing up children is inspiring. Also those who are at peace with what is going on in their life with a new baby. Yes, the body is out of shape and that can be very hard to accept but your body has done this amazing thing of growing and giving birth to a wonderful baby. Relax and enjoy the journey towards your goals, however distant they may seem. Little steps still make progress and perseverance is key!

Q: What benefits do your clients most value about getting active?
Lucy: The benefits they enjoy are numerous; increased confidence, feeling invigorated, improved energy levels, relieving tight muscles and postural imbalances (due to lifting children, sitting lots, breast feeding, etc), getting fitter, stronger and healthier for greater vitality! Do contact me if you have any questions or if I can help with your training goals!


Lucy provides virtual personal training by phone, Skype and email, providing extra motivation and support – in particular if you are following one of the free Ready Steady Mums programmes. Mums who work with Lucy report seeing their energy go up and their spirits soar! She is passionate about helping you to fulfil your potential and you can get in touch and find out about her services and pricing by emailing

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