Posture Correction and Pelvic Floor Activation

Today we’re going step-by-step through posture correction and pelvic floor activation. You can do this in pregnancy and postnatal.

We’ll begin by checking your posture.

Stand up, put your hands on your hips, and consider your pelvis position. During pregnancy many of us end up tiling the pelvis forward under the weight of the bump and compressing the lower back. This is called lordosis. Combined with pregnancy hormones including relaxin – which loosens the joints – it can be a major cause of lower back pain and last well into the postnatal period.


We are going to imagine our pelvis is a bucket of water, Try tiling your pelvis the other way and tipping water out the back. Now tilt forward. Tilt each way a few times and end in a comfortable, neutral position.

Now think about your shoulders. The hunched over position we get from breast feeding or working at a desk is called kyphosis – another posture problem that can cause back, shoulder and neck pain. Pull your shoulder blades back and down your back, lift your chest, chin in.


Now we are ready to find the right muscles and activate the pelvic floor.

One way to learn how to activate your pelvic floor is to stop midstream in urination, but this is no longer recommended, certainly not something to do regularly due to the risk of bladder infections. It can however help to imagine you are doing this.

Another great visualisation is to imagine sucking spaghetti into your vagina. Squeeze and lift. Engage the muscles, breathe, relax your shoulders. Now relax.

Next try to same thing with the back passage. Squeeze and lift. Maintain good posture. Relax.

Now let’s do both together. Imagine you are closing a zip, starting with the back passage and working round to the front. Squeeze, lift, hold.

That is the pelvic floor active! Now you are ready to do a full pelvic floor muscle training session, and kick-start your exercise programme.

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