Ready Steady Mums – why we think it works and what we’ve learnt

What we do is remarkably simple.

Most of us WANT to get active, feel healthy, empowered and motivated, and set an example to our kids.

Mums WANT to be active

Mums WANT to be active

But mothers can be busy, stressed, and struggling with identity and self-esteem…. and the last thing we need is a complicated and demanding fitness programme.

Ready Steady Mums has grown and evolved in communities. Mums everywhere have led, owned and shaped it into what it is today. Now, as the Prime Minister recognises our founder Katy Tuncer as a Point of Light in communities for her work in setting up RSM, I asked her for her top reasons for why it works?

Here is Katy’s list for why Ready Steady Mums works

  1. It’s all about having fun (mums don’t need any more pressure to lose weight, be a perfect mother, or look good!)
  2. The groups are informal and give space for mums to chat, share feelings, and give each other valuable peer support.
  3. Since the community itself owns the group, they choose a meeting time that fits around their own schedules. Meeting at the same time and place every week helps establish routines and habits.
  4. Joining the group is making a commitment to friends, which helps mums stay motivated to exercise.
  5. It’s free, one more excuse out the window!
  6. Starting with a walk is not scary, no one feels judged, mums from all backgrounds can do it.
  7. Mums can exercise with confidence by looking at video demos with clear instructions for safe exercises in pregnancy/postnatal (on the website)
  8. Because the programme is volunteer-led and has a big impact on important health issues like obesity and depression, and many organisations want to support – for example with getting us the word out to more mothers
  9. Health Visitors are available to empower mums to overcome self-doubt and start or join a group
  10. It’s very easy and rewarding to become a Group Leader – it’s easy to register on the website and other mums give you lots of appreciation
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