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Though our Socialcise groups are intended for walking only, you may find that your mums are keen to add in some additional cardiovascular work to their walking session.  Below are some fun games you can play as a group to get the heart pumping and the kids laughing!

Be sure to have the group check out the Proper From in Common Exercises page for further information.

*Remember, all groups are intended as an informal gathering of mums to walk together.  If your group chooses to engage in some additional cardio games, it is at their own risk.  All group members are responsible to work at their own fitness level as recommended by their doctor.  Any member wishing to lead the group in these games is to be in the capacity of  a volunteer and not a fitness professional.

Cardio Games:

  • Cardio Circuit – Do each exercise for 20-30 seconds with a 30 second walking/jogging recovery.  Repeat circuit twice.  Squats, Dips, Backwards Lunges, Plank, Burpees, Curtsy Lunges, Side-Plank, Step-Ups on Bench.
  • Cardio with Buggies – Stand in line as if to begin a buggy race.  Take 20 strides forward, pull buggies back for 20 strides.  Keep great posture, chest up, elbows and tummy in and neutral pelvis.  Add variations: single-handed push/pull, lunge walking forward/stride back, fly walking/lunge back, the waddle/ jog back, grapevine each way, jog forward and back.  Take a water break and repeat.
  • Buggy Weave – Park the buggies in a line 3 metres apart. All start at one end and weave in and out of the buggies power-walking or jogging. Wave to the babies as you pass!  Return down side of buggies to the start and begin again. Swing your arms and hips and imagine being a slalom skier, the more movement the more you’ll loosen up and improve your agility.
  • I Have Never Game – With mums in a circle and mats/towels out if needed, start by jogging in place.  Ask the group 10 questions starting with “I have never..” If the mum HAS done the activity stated in the question, they must do 5 press-ups.  Everyone should be jogging in place the entire game unless doing press-ups.  Make sure the last question is something all mums have done so they have to get some arms in!
  • Children’s Book Game – Select a children’s book that has several repeating words.  Have your group jog in place.  Tell your group that each time they hear your selected word in the story, they must do an exercise (eg. 5 Jumping Jacks, 5 Frog Jumps, 2 Burpees) then read the story to the children.
  • Follow the Leader – While walking with buggies, have the mum in front suggest an exercise such as lunges or bunny hops for 20 seconds (you may need to help them).  That mum falls to the back of the line and the new leaders suggests a new activity for 20 seconds.  Repeat until every mum has had a go.
  • Partner Up Moves – Have your mums partner up with another mum.  One mum jogs/walks the circle or section of path while the other mum does stationery butt kicks until their partner returns.  Switch mums.  Try this with squats, press-ups, sit-ups, planks and lunges.
  • Little Ducks with Side Squats – Have your group form a circle with buggies facing mum.  Sing “5 Little Ducks” (or another nursery rhyme of your choice) while the group side squats around the circle.  With the end of each verse, switch sides.
  • Station Circuits – Set up buggies as stations or select four separate areas of the park.  Work around to each station, doing 30 seconds of each exercise.  Repeat 3 times.  (Select 4-8 exercises)
    • Basic Squats
    • Dips (requires a bench)
    • Backwards Lunges
    • Plank
    • Burpees
    • Backwards Lunges
    • Curtsy Lunges
    • Side-Plank
    • Step-ups on a bench
    • Press-ups
    • Knee Lifts
    • Supergirl
    • Jog in place
  • Tickle Baby Drill – Line buggies up in a straight line with mums facing their buggy.  Mums run backwards until you yell “STOP” and they must run forwards and give their baby a tickle.  Repeat 15 times.
  • Walk the Circle Circuit – Have buggies in a large circle.  Mums walk the circle and you call out the following exercises to be done for 30 seconds with a 20 second recovery each.  Skip, Bear Crawl, Side Shuffle (each side), Forward Lunges and Jog.
  • Baby Jungle – Line up the buggies and have mums take 15 giant steps back from their baby.  If there are older children in attendance, have them name some animals for the mums to imitate as the run back to their babies (you suggest animals if kids are too young).  Repeat with 5 different animals (eg. Dog, Dolphin, T-Rex, Gecko, Gorilla).  Toddlers love this one!
  • Grab Bag – Write down several exercises (and number of repetitions) on separate note cards.  Shuffle the cards and put them in a bag.  Have each mum (or their child) select one from the bag.  Have each mum read their activity for everyone to do.  Go around the group until each mum has read their exercise.  Repeat several times for smaller groups.
  • True and False – Play a game of true or false with a twist.  Find 10 obscure facts about babies and turn them into T/F questions.  If the mum thinks the answer is True, they do 3 jumping jacks, if the mum thinks the answer is False, they do 3 squats.  Reveal the real answer after each question.
  • Abs Run – Circle buggies up.  Have mums run the circle twice, starting at their buggy.  Once they complete the run, they head to the centre of the circle and complete 30 seconds of sit-ups.  Run again twice and complete 30 seconds of bicycle sit-ups.  Repeat pattern of exercise with 30 seconds of a plank hold and 30 seconds of oblique sit-ups.
  • Water Bottle Relay – Line up several water bottles from our mums along a jogging area.  Each mum has to run/walk (one at a time) and collect all the water bottles along the route and return.  The next mum runs/walks and places them all back.  Continue until all mums have had a go.
  • Deck of Cards – Bring a deck of cards and remove all of the cards with values below 6.  Select 10 different exercises and have each mum pull a card from the deck.  Suggest on exercise and have a mum reveal their card.  Complete that number of repetitions (or seconds) of the exercise.  Repeat with all 10 exercise.  (i.e. mountain climbers, squats, jumping jacks, butt kicks, high knees, frog jumps, lunges, plank jacks, side lunge, press ups)
  • Ball Throw – Have mums circle up.  Have a ball to throw around the circle.  When each mum catches the ball, they must do a squat.
  • Ball Shuffle – Have enough balls or bean bags for each pair of mums.  Have mums partner up and stand in two lines facing their partner.  Mums must throw the ball back and forth to their partner while side shuffling down the line.  When they arrive at the front, one partner holds the ball while the both run back to the end of the line.
  • Freeze – Play a game of “Freeze” with a twist!  Have mums jog in a circle or on a path.  Instead of yelling “freeze,” call out an exercise they must do (e.g. Plank!  Side Plank!” until you say “un freeze!”
  • Duck, Duck, Goose! – Play traditional Duck, Duck, Goose.  Make sure each mum has a chance to be the “Goose”!
  • Ball Throw – Have enough balls or bean bags for each pair of mums.  Have mums partner up and stand on opposite sides, a good distance apart.  Mums throw the ball back and forth 3 times then run to switch sides.  IF there is an odd, number, have one mum try and block the balls from each pair.  If she succeeds, the mum pair must do 3 press-ups!
  • Ring Around the Rosy – Form a circle with the buggies.  Side lunge to the left as you sing a verse of “Ring Around the Rosy.”  When you get to the line “we all fall down” do 10 squats.  Repeat on the right side.
  • Line Runs with Cards – Write 5-10 exercises and number of repetitions (e.g. jumping jacks, forward lunges, high knees, backwards lunges, burpees all for 10 reps)  on separate cards and place them facing down ½ way up a jugging area.  When mums reach that point in their walk/jog, they select a card from ground and do that activity.
  • Lego Relay – Grab some legos of different colors and assign an exercise and number of reps to each color (e.g. Blue = 10 Jumping Jacks, Red= 10 Burpees, Yellow= 10 sec Plank hold).  Spread the legos out on the opposite side of the field as your mums.  Assign each mum a color.  Have the mums run to the legos and collect their color.  Once they return, have them complete the exercise associated with their lego color.
  • Flip Cup – Arrange about 20 disposable cups on the ground, ½ facing up and ½ facing down, on the opposite side of the field as the mums.  Assign mums onto teams of “Ups” and “Downs.”  On your “go,” mums run to the cups and try to turn them all up or down depending on their team.  After 2 minutes call out “stop” and count how many cups are facing up and down to determine a winning team.
  • Hokey Cokey – With mums in a circle, sing the Hokey Cokey.  For each “leg in,” try to balance on the opposite leg.  “Whole Self in” is a big jump in and out.  “Knees bent” is a squat.

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