Socialcise Walking Groups

Socialise and Exercise with Our Free Walking Groups


Socialcising is a fun and active way to help your body recover from birth while engaging and building friendships with other local mums. Our groups meet in parks or green spaces across the country to exercise and have a chat together with babies/toddlers in tow. All fitness levels are welcome to attend as each member walks at their own pace in a friendly and supportive environment.

Find your local class using our map and experience why everyone is calling our Socialcise sessions “The New Cuppa!”. No group in your area?  Why not start one!  It is as simple as clicking here.


Why Socialcise?

“When I moved to a new area with two young toddlers, finding a Socialcise group was my first step to making new friends and keeping active in the midst of a chaotic time!”Kim
“I am continually amazed at the transformation both mentally and physically the mums in my group have made. Several of us started walking together after the birth of our first child and now we are all running and even entering races together.”Alice
“Every Tuesday our group meet to exercise together in the park. I love the fact that every week no matter what the weather I have a good workout, and a good catch up with friends old and new. We spend an hour in the park and at least that in the cafe afterwards!”Claire
“When I joined Ready Steady Mums, I was just beginning my return to fitness. The other mums and I would simply walk together at a local park, enjoy the outdoors and each other’s company. We were amazed at how a weekly walk together could lift our spirits for the week!”Catherine
“Going back to work added a new level of challenge for me getting enough exercise. Our lunchtime Socialcise sessions hit the mark in so many ways. Super-efficient training session that fits in a lunch break including the shower afterwards! And I get to hang out with like-minded working mums.”Carmen

Find out more in this video about Socialcise

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