Start a Socialcise Walking Group

A Free and Fun Way to Meet and Support New Mums – All While Getting Fit!

Ready Steady Mums is proud to support motivated and energetic mums like you to make a difference in the health and wellbeing of other mums in your area. Starting your own “Socialcise” walking group is simple.  All that is needed is a time, location and a willing mum to get the word out and start the group going.  After a few meet-ups, the group should run itself!

Ready to start?  Simply follow the steps below:

Step One: Set a Location

Generally, a local well-known park with trails and a playground works well.  However, a Socialcise group can be successful in any public green-space that has enough room for a group of mum and buggies to gather safely.

Step Two:  Set a Time

Look for a day of the week and time of day that suits mums with babies.  A time that is not too early in the morning for the new mums and not during typical nap-times for babies works well.  If you anticipate mothers in attendance with other children in school or nursery, be mindful of school drop-off and pick-up times.  Also, be sure to research other mum and tots activities to ensure your session does not conflict with other popular activities in the area.  Most important of all, be sure it is a time that is convenient for you.

Step Three: Create the Group

Fill in the below form to get your group “on the map.”

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Step Four: Spread the Word

Once you have decided on a session location and time, invite your mummy friends to join you!  To grow the group even more, you can:

  • Let the midwives and health visitors know about the group
  • Tell the Children’s Centres near you
  • Post a notice on local Community Events Board
  • Inform the Nurseries and Playschools
  • Hand out a flyer at Mum and Tot playgroups

You can use this poster to help you advertise your walking group. (1 MB)

Step Five: Socialcise!

“Ready Steady Mums is here to help mums like you to make a difference through exercise – for yourself, your family and your local community of new mothers. We know that being part of a group helps motivate us to be physically active and build fitness. Our Socialcise walking groups accomplish this by keeping mums active and accountable to each other in a safe and fun way.  So, are you ready to take that first step?”Katy Tuncer, Founder Ready Steady Mums

“I am really thankful for the fresh air and energetic mums who come out each week. It feels so good to hear them say they had a good workout.”Nicole F., RSM Group Leader

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