Success! We achieved our 5km goal

10 weeks ago we set ourselves the goal of running a 5km. Well we did it! And we feel awesome.

Here we are just after our 5km - I'm on the left, "sweating like a pig but feeling like a fox" (thanks for the inspiration This Girl Can)

Here we are just after our 5km – I’m on the left, “sweating like a pig but feeling like a fox” (thanks for the inspiration This Girl Can)

How did we manage it? We are a fairly normal group of mums living in a village and juggling babies, kids, work and the rest of life.

Well, you know the expression “don’t make perfect the enemy of good”? That’s how we approached it. We set up our Ready Steady Mums group in our village, planned a weekly evening training session, and most of us managed to go to most of our walking/jogging/running sessions. Missing one didn’t mean we’d failed and should stop and give up, it didn’t mean anything, we’d be back next time. It was fun, we added a bit more running each time, and enjoyed the journey. We chatted about all sorts – even pelvic floor challenges (oh yes, we’re all in that boat as new mums trying to run!) and how to keep our milky boobs contained in a big enough sports bra!

My cheerleading team

My cheerleading team

On the day, we got our cheerleaders lined up. Some of the lovely mums in our Ready Steady Mums group who weren’t running came along to support us, and join us in the cafe afterwards. Now we’re excited about the next one!

We have really enjoyed the time we’ve spent together getting fitter and healthier as we have worked together towards our 5km goal. And we are carrying on to the next one now. This is the essence of Ready Steady Mums, and we really hope lots of other mums will get the bug and set up their own groups. We’d be happy to chat about it with anyone who’s thinking of it (pls use comments box below).

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