What Ready Steady Mums means for Health Visiting and their famillies

The Institute of Health Visiting is very excited to launch the Ready Steady Mumsprogramme, for health visitors to promote physical, social and emotional health for mums. We all know that exercise is good for us, but it can be hard to get out with a new baby or toddler – and even harder if you don’t have a social circle. The Ready Steady Mums programme offers mums a free, volunteer led opportunity to get out and make new friends, while enjoying the health benefits which come from doing so.

Farnham Hospital and Woking Community Centre.

Farnham Hospital and Woking Community Centre.

Community development is a core part of health visiting practice and this programme offers an easy, off-the-shelf opportunity to make a real difference to your mum’s health. Better still, it will take very little health visitor time, so even if the service is stretched where you are, it’s still possible to set up. The programme can be very simple: mums coming together once a week to go for a walk or more sophisticated by doing some of the carefully-designed exercises suggested on the Ready Steady Mums website. Not only that, but the fantastic mums who created RSM are available to offer information and advice by email and will register local groups, so that other mums can find them on the website.

The programme works by health visitors identifying local mums who might like to start a group, directing them to the website, and then helping to promote the group to other mums when it is launched. Your role is to empower mums to become group leaders: then, they take over the responsibility. A local group could be started or joined by a pregnant mum, one with a baby or a toddler. From the testimonials received so far (and even better, the smiles on mums’ faces!) it is clear that Ready Steady Mums is a fantastic, easy way to build community assets, have fun and stay fit and healthy. Toddlers make friends too!

Find out more at: www.readysteadymums.org

Dr Cheryll Adams
Executive Director, Institute of Health Visiting

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