Your Date with Exercise: Fun For Busy Mums?

Remember the feeling? – Fitness is the thing. Our goal is inspiring and positive. Motivation is high. We are excited about our new exercise programme…

But now what if today, a week or so in, we haven’t stuck to our promises, we feel despondent and guilty, and we want to chuck in the towel?

We’ve all been there, and as mums we have an extra load of challenges to contend with like tiredness, busyness, and a postnatal body we might not be too happy with.

Well, I’ve got good news! You can get unstuck, and here’s how in two simple steps:

1. Firstly, focus on success. Celebrate the small victories, shout from the rooftops when you have a good session. Tell your friends and family and ask them to give you a cheer. On the flip-side, remember that missing a session – or even a whole week of sessions – doesn’t mean a thing. Get right back on the horse and remind yourself of your goal.

2. Secondly, armed with this unstoppable attitude to exercise, make a date with exercise. Book your sessions in your diary (and into the family diary, the babysitter’s diary, your supporters’ and cheerleaders’ diaries….) You need the structure there to make it a habit.

You know when you plan a holiday, a night out, a dinner party, or anything else fun? By focussing on success and making robust diary plans for exercise, you can to make your exercise as irresistible as those things!

Personally I like to train with friends, so I make an effort to get them excited too (aha now we see why Socialcise was born 🙂 ) I also enjoy wearing nice kit (aha that’s what all the prancing around in cool exercise kit in the videos is about 🙂 ) Whatever does it for you, get that in place so you can love your sessions and look forward to them.

Please come and share your success with your Facebook community when you turn your exercise routine into one of the most fun activities you have planned into your diary.

Happy training!

Katy x


This is supposed to be me "committing to my exercise plan". I'm not much of an actor, but you get the idea?!

This is supposed to be me “committing to my exercise plan”. I’m not much of an actor, but you get the idea?!

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